Esports Betting Gaming Likely To Boost The Maryland Gambling Revenue If Introduced

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Gaming stakeholders in Maryland met last week to deliberate on possible ways to start introduce eSports and skill-based gambling in the state with the aim of boosting what the officials termed an already lucrative business industry. It should be remembered that the last time this committee of gaming oversight did meet to discuss matters that affect gaming activities in the state was in 2016.

That time, parties who met were discussing the effects of Daily Fantasy Sports and their position in boosting gaming revenue. Following the 2016 meeting between the gaming committee oversight together with various gaming stakeholders resulted in the state enacting legislation that hitherto is considered some of the fairest in the whole country.

Because of this, Maryland casinos are now flourishing with all the six casinos recording various projection sin their revenue collections. To proof that the meeting and the regulations that followed were well-intended, a report from the Maryland gaming commission indicates that in the 2017 fiscal year, United States casinos had a new record of $1.42 billion worth of gaming revenue.

According to the commission, the amount is some $277 million more compared to what the same casinos collected in a similar period in 2016, and that was a whopping 24.2 percent increment. However, according to Carole Bober, the communications MD for Maryland State Lottery and Gaming Control Agency said that there is a constant evolvement of the gaming facilities in Maryland.
 Esports Betting Gaming Likely To Boost The Maryland Gambling Revenue If Introduced

E Sports Betting Online May Be The Next Legal US Casino Gambling Boom

“We expect that as the Maryland casino market continues to grow to maturity, individual Maryland casinos are striving to adjust their various gaming floors to meet the ever-changing trends of customer needs,” Bober said.

For instance, Hollywood Casino that is located in Perryville Maryland, reduced the number of slot machines from the 1, 158 that was in the facility’s gaming floor four years ago in 2013 to 822 in 2017.

According to the management, this is geared to creating some space for other gaming equipment that will open ways for more clients, which will later translate into more revenue. The only two possibilities that are likely to fill up the slack is the introduction of skill-based games or eSports into the gambling floor.

Under the current gambling laws, the State of Maryland allows for casinos to offer skill-based games. However, not all of the six casinos have introduced skill-based games inside their gaming floors. But as for eSports, currently, in Maryland, they are only allowed on colleges, campuses, and universities where students play as a team.

In extreme cases, however, some players bypass the college or student lever and enter straight into the professional level where it gives individuals a chance to earn up to $20 million in prizes.

This change is also where team owners take advantage of college leavers by signing them agent-free thus leaving the owners leveraging on six figures. “It’s your imagination how much one can make. It is possible to make up to $1 million each year!” said Zaqueri who became a professi0nal player at the age of 24.

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