ATTENTION: IoT Malware Satori Replacing Ethereum Wallet Addresses

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IoT Malware Satori Replaces Ethereum Wallet Addresses. Are you mining cryptocurrencies? How regularly do you check your security? It is essential that you ensure all your online services are secure. Malware Satori is roaming around. This malware aims to hack online users especially Ethereum miners. According to recent surveillance, the malware goes live in early December. In fact, the monitoring says that more than 280, 000 of such devil bots are life. Who are their primary targets? The study shows that their essential targets are those who run mining rigs. These devil bots also look for those who own and operate ether accounts.

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Why DId IoT Malware Satori Target Ethereum Digital Wallets?

After the survey, online protection analysts say that you need to check your configurations regularly. For a long time, Satori, which is a botnet, targets internet of things or IoT.

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Netlab 360

Netlab 360 is now warning Ethereum users to be more careful. “What stands out is something we had never seen before? This new variant hacks into various mining hosts on the internet. But mostly it does so on windows devices. Most importantly, This is via their management port 3333 that runs Claymore Miner, the software. The software replaces the wallet address on the hosts with the hacker’s wallet address,” Netlab says. This new staring of worm-style malware takes advantage of Claymore Miner software. The software is the only one available for those who use Windows devices. The malware that is dubbed Satori.Coin.Robber takes that advantage of the vulnerability of the software.
IoT Malware Satori Replaces Ethereum Wallet Addresses

Additionally, Eerily, the supposed hacker sends the infected miners’ a message. The message aims to warn them of dire consequences if they attempt to purge out malware. Netlab 360 says that the malware is out in December. In less than 12 hours, more than 280, 000 of such are life. They devastate different IP across the world.

ZDNet Says Malware Targets Huawei Devices

ZDNet says that there is a link between this malware and another one. The other worm is out during the holidays. It targets Huawei devices. Early January, several software companies are trying to solve the problem. There is no report yet on the ongoing. As soon as the news on any achievement is out, you will be the first one to know. For now, beware of malware Satori. Above all, this is especially for Ethereum miners.

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