After $6.1 Million Chip Theft, Wynn Macau Casinos May Ban Employees From Floor

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After $6.1 Million Chip Theft, Wynn Macau Casinos May Ban Employees From Floor. After losing $6.1 million worth of casino chip heist, now casino operators need to do something. Following this massive lose, operators may soon need to ban from the floor, employees that are off-duty. At least, this is not something from within. The chief regulator of gaming in Macau is rallying for this action. He says that all employees who deal with gaming should not access the floors. He is saying that banning them will reduce communication.

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Are All Wynn Macau Casino Employees Banned From The Floor?

Paulo Martins, the director of Gaming Inspection says the incident is unique. But he also agrees that operators should take bold steps. He argues that if measures are in place such incidents, though rare, will not happen. The inspection director concurs that casino employees are at a higher risk. He says that employees are human. They see people coming to their floors. They serve the visitors, who place bets with little money. If they are lucky, employees see players walk away with thousands of dollars. Also, this can cause the urge. In time, even the loyal employees develop the call. And this is how real money gambling addiction develops.

Macau Authorities Apprehend Two Guys

Last Friday, Macau authorities apprehended two guys. The two are responsible for stealing a chip heist. The value of the chip heist is $6.1 million. One of the two is an employee of the facility. He works in the VIP lounge. The man is in the record with his last name Lei. Although some say that Lei is not on duty, investigations say otherwise. It appears that Lei is on a mission. Also, this is the time he fills a bag with chip heist of high denominations. Then he walks out of the casino. According to preliminary reports, this happens in the early hours.

Proposal To The Executive Council

Paulo says that this is a wakeup call. He now intends to introduce a proposal to the Executive Council. He intends that all casino workers get a ban. Also, this will not affect their premises alone. The director says that the ban will extend to all other gaming floors. All casinos should, know that certain employee from a neighboring facility is off duty.

It is essential and simple! According to Martins, an employee of a particular company should only transact business when on duty. When off-duty, those that are in their place should execute services. Above all, this will help reduce inappropriate support for wrongdoing. The proposal does not include staff that does not handle games. Food and drink servers will not be on this project.

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Wynn Macau May help Impose Casino Employ Gaming Ban

Last September, there is a similar call. Again, it calls for banning a section of employees from accessing gaming floors. During the proposal, operators do not support it. Because of lack of support, it fails to pass.

During the September proposal, the regulator wants a $125 fine. The fine goes to the employee that is at a place they should not be. It doesn’t pass. Operators may consider the proposal this time. Although Lei agrees to steal the chip heist, he conceals some information. He doesn’t say where the missing chips are. This incident in Wynn Macau may help impose casino employ gaming ban soon.

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